Groundcover NZ Ltd
Groundcover® is an Auckland-based company specialising in pneumatically blown applications for environmental situations.

Groundcover® can supply and install a wide range of barks and mulches into:
- Residential gardens
- Commercial sites
- Motorway Revegetation areas
- Parks and Reserves

The smooth, professional look of blown material is unrivalled, and Groundcover® has extensive experience in the installation of various grades of mulch. We are the experts in adapting to your projects and will take the hard work out of your next landscaping project.

Groundcover® Does Soil Mixes
A variety of compost, lawn and garden mixes can be installed by Groundcover® directly into planter boxes, behind retaining walls, into gardens and other areas. Leave-the-barrow-behind!  Let Groundcover® increase your productivity and project profitability.

Groundcover® Does Playgrounds
Covering park or playground areas with safety materials (e.g. soft-fall chip) is a common blower application and child's play for Groundcover®. These areas require special attention with minimal interruption and Groundcover® can access areas where the use of heavy equipment is not appropriate.

Groundcover® Does Roof-top Gardens
Filling planter boxes, rain-gardens and other garden areas in otherwise inaccessible areas is made simple with Groundcover®. We are the experts in moving various growing media into areas up to fifteen levels up. 

Let the professionals at Groundcover made your next rain-garden or apartment project achievable and a simple process.

Groundcover® Does Aggregates
Groundcover® can complete the drainage on backfilling projects in difficult and hard to reach places. We can install a range of aggregates including Kaiuia pebbles, scoria, and some grades of sand.