Groundcover NZ Ltd
Groundcover® is an Auckland-based company specialising in pneumatically blown applications for environmental situations.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q.     What type of materials can you spread?
A.     A wide range of organic material including bark mulches, chip mulch (often doesn’t require screening), playground soft-fall, compost, garden mixes, lawn-mixes, and various aggregates.

Q.     How far can you spread?
A.     Distance will depend on a number of factors including type of product, weight of product, the height the product is moving up or down gradient of the slope. This can range from 30m to 180m or more.

Q.     Does the product need to be dry?
A.     In some instances no (e.g. mulch or bark), however compost, lawn mixes or garden mixes do need to be relativity dry. Wet compost etc will coat the inside of the pipes and gradually clog up the pipe.

Q      Can you install material on a wet day?
A.     Generally yes, although this may depend on access and the individual product.

Q      How fast can you blow material?
A      Depends on the product and weight. Compost and garden mixes around 15-30m3 hour at a distance of 50m. Mulches and barks will be significantly faster. 40-70m3 per hour is consistently achieved by Groundcover™.

Q      Rooftop gardens can sometimes be up many stories. How high can you blow into planter or rain-gardens?
A      Our limit has yet to be determined; however 15 stories or more is possible with the right product.

Q   Terraseeding™, or seeding-with-soil needs to be at what depth?
A   Terraseeding™ for new lawns or refurbishing existing lawns can be a depth of anywhere between 12.5mm to 150mm.

Q      Will you help estimate the project?
A      Our intention is to help our clients in any way we can, from simple estimates to expert recommendation.

Q      Do you have an easy formula to use for calculating amounts?
A      1)   For Area – Multiple length times width in metres (i.e 9m x 10m = 90m2).
         2)   For Volume – Multiple the area you had in 1) by:
                     0.080 (for 80mm depth)
                     0.100 (for 100mm depth)
                     0.150 (for 150mm depth)
            (i.e. 90m2 x 0.1 [100mm depth] = 9m3 required)