Groundcover NZ Ltd
Groundcover® is an Auckland-based company specialising in pneumatically blown applications for environmental situations.

Erosion and Sediment Control
EcoBerm® is a water permeable windrow (berm) of specified compost/mulch (erosion blend) combined with a special additive (Microblend® constructed with a berm forming machine (BermBuilder™) and pneumatic blower to control sediment by removing suspended soil particles and contaminants from water moving off the site and into adjacent waterways or storm water conveyance systems.

EcoBerm® can be used under the following conditions:
- To replace silt fencing
- To provide a sediment filtering barrier along sensitive areas
- To eliminate the need for removal later
- To establish a permanent, vegetated filter
- Where 100% natural processes are favoured

Other Advantages include:
- Cost competitive with existing BMP's. Ecoberm not only maintains a low cost for installation, but does not require removal or disposal and the expense associated with that extra process.
- Consistent installation. The patented Bermbuilder™ combined with a single step pneumatic application and Microblend® additive creates a dependable system that insures the berm is installed to meet specified dimensions and ensures 100% ground contact.
- May be seeded if left as a permanent part of the surrounding landscape.
- Conforms to all-terrain conditions.
- No ditching, staking or reinforcement necessary.
- Low impact to surrounding area, physically, visually and environmentally.
- Further information including test results can be found at

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