Groundcover NZ Ltd
Groundcover® is an Auckland-based company specialising in pneumatically blown applications for environmental situations.

Erosion and Sediment Control
Ecoblanket ®
EcoBlanket® is a ground cover (surface blanket) of the specified compost/mulch (erosion blend) combined with a special additive (Microblend® constructed with a pneumatic blower to control and reduce soil erosion. An EcoBlanket® stabilises the soil, prevents splash, sheet and rill erosion, and removes suspended soil particles and contaminants from water moving off the site and into adjacent waterways or storm water conveyance systems.

EcoBlanket® can be used under the following conditions:
- For erosion control on slopes 2H: 1V or greater
- Where seeding and erosion control are required in one step
- Where 100% natural processes are favoured
- Around sensitive natural lands or close to water

Further information and test results can be found at

Other advantages of Ecoblanket® include:
- 100% Soil coverage. As an erosion control measure, Ecoblanket® completely covers the denuded soil with a matrix of natural organic material active with beneficial microbes. Through pneumatic application, the Ecoblanket® conforms to the varied contours of the soil surface providing an interlocking blanket with the soil beneath, holding the soil particulates in place.
- Establishes a buffer to absorb rainfall energy.
- Slows velocity of water run off, allowing natural percolation of rain into soil.

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