Groundcover NZ Ltd
Groundcover® is an Auckland-based company specialising in pneumatically blown applications for environmental situations.

Erosion and Sediment Control
Groundcover® is New Zealand's only authorised and qualified installer of two erosion and sediment control solutions; Ecoberm® and Ecoblanket®

Ecoblanket® and Ecoberm® Have Key Advantages Including: 

- Lower project cost: Project costs lowered by combining several line-item specifications into one complete step.
- Ground stabilised immediately.
- Eliminate need for topsoil, hydroseeding and strawmulching

Eliminate soil loss
Ecoblanket® and Ecoberm® is proven to be over 99% effective in reducing soil loss as an erosion control measure. In a certified Erosion Control testing facility. Ecoblanket® and Ecoberm® have shown to be over 99% effective in reducing soil loss as an erosion control measure.  Test result are available at

Increased site accessibility
Remote and difficult to reach areas can be reached by Groundcover® and installed with Ecoberm® and Ecoblanket®

Environmentally friendly
100% Organic recycled and reusable. Both Ecoberm® and Ecoblanket® use no plastic material in its construction. The fibrous matrix it forms with the help of the bonding capabilities of Microblend give the necessary structure needed without non-biodegradable reinforcements or netting.

100% Organic
Made with recycled organics, the compost/mulch blend can be used as an earth friendly soil amendment at the completion of a project, or left as a permanent stabilisation organic layer to work into the topsoil over time.

Improved soil structure and biology
Greater seed germination
Ecoberm® and Ecoblanket® can be injected with a variety of seed species during installation, including native seeds. The Ecoblanket and Ecoberm material combined with Microblend makes an ideal media for seed germination while providing immediate erosion control.

(Rexius EcoBlanket® and EcoBerm® are registered trademarks of Rexius Erosion Control Systems, Inc.)

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