Groundcover NZ Ltd
Groundcover® is an Auckland-based company specialising in pneumatically blown applications for environmental situations.

Why use Groundcover®?
Too often the implementation and success of projects in the areas of installation of organic material, erosion & sediment control, lawn creation and lawn renovation can often be limited with current industry methodologies and systems.Groundcover® has proven solutions which will not only save you and your client’s time and money, but will give you superior results.

Potential problems in moving Organic material
Traditional methods for moving mulch, compost and other organic materials are typically reliant on using labourers with barrows, or with machinery such as a bobcat or halitrax. The most common problems with using the above methods are:

- Unreliable, slow average spread of ½m3 of product per hour
- Often require micro-management
- Strict health and safety requirements applying to many sites
- Requires greater overheads (vehicles/ACC/supervisors etc)
- Difficult access slows productivity further
- Time required to spread materials often takes days rather than hours

- Often will require labourers to finish and tidy
- Increased health and safety risks
- Planting must be completed after mulch is spread. Productivity when planting through mulch reduces significantly
- Weather dependent
- Mulch spread by machinery often results in significantly more material being used due to the inability to spread accurately
- Ground is compacted through continual tracking

Potential problems in lawn creation /renovation using traditional methods - coming soon
Potential problems in erosion/sediment control using traditional methods - coming soon


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