Groundcover NZ Ltd
Groundcover® is an Auckland-based company specialising in pneumatically blown applications for environmental situations.

Groundcover® was formed, after we realised that implementation and success of landscaping projects was often limited by the current industry methodologies and systems.

Groundcover® has a state-of the art pneumatic blower truck  and began showing landscaping companies how they can significantly improve productivity and their profit margins, by using Groundcover® to install mulch and other organic materials into their projects.

We have developed extensively in the areas of erosion control, silt management, turf establishment, turf renovation, soil installations, playground safety surfaces and research and development.

Groundcover® has proven solutions which not only will save time and money for you and your clients, but it will also give you superior results.

Groundcover® guarantees positive ongoing customer relationships and outstanding service. We are the leader the in blower truck services, with our cutting edge product and process development.

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